We the people of India, with all of our heart & mind, pledge to read these terms & conditions for the
sake of divinity.

  1. Any damage to the books will not be tolerated. (We are a tolerant country bdw)
  2. You’ll have to pay the new book cost in case of any damage.
  3. We’ll deliver package on 1st of every month, so in case if you are unavailable on the 1st,
    please let us know so that we can arrange pickup or delivery on some other day.
  4. In the minima package, you’ll get a membership of 6 months. You’ll get 5 different books per
    month selected by us – for you, for 6 months straight.
  5. In the median package, the number of books will be 5 and you’ll get them for 9 months.
  6. In the maxima package, you’ll get 10 books per month for a year.
  7. Package once purchased, cannot be cancelled or refunded.
  8. Please message us for any query at info@divinerange.com