How It Works?

• Purchase a package on our website or offline by call.
• We’ll send you box of 5-8 books every month as per the package purchased by you.
• The box will be picked up & delivered on the 1st of every month.
• We’ll arrange pickup & delivery at your location.
• Previous month box will be replaced by new box every month.

Points to Follow

• Each book will have their own bookmark.
• Number of books will be equal to number of bookmarks, every month.
• Treat the books as you treat your mother.
• In case of any loss or damage to the books, you will be burnt in hell fire. Just kidding; You’ll be charged with execution till death with maximum pain.     Again, just kidding.
• You just have to pay the cost of the book to us in case of any damage.
• We expect your good behavior to the books.